Pen for Surface, Kimwood Stylus Pen with 1024 Levels Pressure Compatible with Surface Pro X/7/6/5/4/3, Surface Go, Surface Book, Surface Laptop Including AAAA Battery & Spare Tip

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  • [Precise and Smooth] Premium made 1.00mm nib is accurate down to the pixel. Provide highly sensitive and precise writing & painting experience. Write and draw naturally. Create without limits
  • [1024 Pressure Sensitivity] Precisely sketch and shade with 1,024 pressure points that respond to the lightest touch. Tilt your digital pen to shade your sketches easily. Just like in a normal pencil. It is great for sketching and shading
  • [Palm Rejection] Rest your palm comfortably on the screen and lean in as you write or draw using this windows pencil, without any influence, don’t worry about annoying marks
  • [Widely Compatible]The Kimwood pen is compatible with Surface Pro X/7/6/5/4/3, Surface Book 3/2/1, Surface Laptop 3/2/1, Surface 3, Surface Go, Surface Studio 2/1
  • [What you get]1 x Pen compatible with Microsoft surface, 1 x Extra tips, 1 x Refill Clip, 1 x AAAA Battery, 1 x User manual



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Natural Free Writing and Painting

1024-level pressure sense responds to very light strokes, drawing detailed sketches and shadows, as well good performance on doodling, professional drawing, and taking notes.

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543 reviews for Pen for Surface, Kimwood Stylus Pen with 1024 Levels Pressure Compatible with Surface Pro X/7/6/5/4/3, Surface Go, Surface Book, Surface Laptop Including AAAA Battery & Spare Tip

  1. Brad Wilson

    Great looking product and packaging

  2. Tiffany Coles

    I use my pen 90% of the time I am on my surface pro. Rather write than use a key board

  3. Patrick Methfessel

    Its a useful tool for the Surface Book and also looks very modern & classy. For its price this Pen is really good!

  4. Jordan Salinas

    I love it. My first stylus and it’s super great and comfortable to use

  5. Fletch Schubert

    Good for the money’s use works hard for the money

  6. Chris Henderson

    I’ve only used it for a few hours, but so far so good. Seems like really good quality construction and the pin worked immediately. It activated as advertised. The placement of the tip to join activity appeared appropriate and was in line. The erase button and right click button worked well. So far I’m very pleased with this product.

  7. Jason Cox

    The only thing I don’t like is that the pen makes a much more noticeable “tap” when touching it to the screen than the Microsoft Surface pen.

  8. Alixander Oschmann

    Fantastic product for the price. Far superior to the pen provided by HP.

  9. Margaret Wallace

    I like the bottom with the shortcut

  10. Makya Stell

    This product worked well. I tried it out in comparison to an actual surface pen and there wasn’t much difference. It’s nice to save $50 on something I needed.

  11. Virginia Gentry

    Easy to use, not butt heavy, pen has all the features that I need. Love the extra pen tip

  12. Ong Thao

    Great palm rejection experience. Was easy to set up with simple instructions shipped. However, was a bit disappointed in the packaging when it came in. Other than that, everything worked as expected with the pen.

  13. Kyla Jo Koppenhafer

    I just received this stylus but I really like the fancy look and how easy it was to set up. I can’t wait to start using it to edit pictures!

  14. Taylor Uptain

    I needed a new pen for my surface pro and I like how I can change the pen part

  15. long vo

    It works well with my Surface Pro 4. The quick erase button is very convenient to use

  16. Craig Satterfeal

    This stylus most resembles the stylus that came with my Microsoft Surface Pro. I like the sleek design and the buttons on the stylus.

  17. Fleurdeliza Rabara

    Sleek design. It is great that it comes with extra nibs

  18. Maleah Callahan

    My parents got me a Surface Pro for my birthday along with some accessories such as this pen. It is an amazing pen and I’ve used it for school, game design, note taking, doodling, and basically anything I can. My son threw the pen and it broke, so I researched new pens. When I saw the pen I got for my birthday was so much cheaper than the ones sold by Microsoft I was in awe. This pen works better than I could have imagined. For a pen that doesn’t even have any ink, its still my favorite pen in the world.

  19. Denise Zunun

    Its a wonderful product and comes in very handy ,Perfect size and really easy to use.

  20. Sandra Touze

    It works great so far, it’s to replace the one that came with my sons school surface. Looks good and fits were the old one did. The price was great and seems to write well.

  21. Clay Stevens

    Attractive pen. Writes well.

  22. Govardhan Nandi

    I like that this surface pen is as good as Microsoft pen but at a better price. Looking forward to order more products from Kimwood

  23. Iris Garcia

    It writes pretty smooth and feels great!

  24. Brenyn Hart

    Only have had it for a few minutes but it works really well!

  25. Sharifa Marshall

    It works really well with the Microsoft surface pro. Has full functionality.

  26. Shamsher Singh

    I have not used this product much since I got this product today only. By looks this product looks promising. I will review the product once I start using this product extensively.

  27. Nathali Medina

    I just received the pen. The surface pro instantly recognized the pen and it has been working perfectly.

  28. Nishant Singh

    I like that I was able to connect it with no hassle and it works the same as the original

  29. Neha Adhikari

    It feels really smooth with my surface go! Really easy to activate and use it!!

  30. Sharon Zhang

    I love it! I have been looking for a stylus for my Microsoft surface laptop. It works well with the touch screen and I am excited to use it more.

  31. Amy

    So far so good. It works great.

  32. Evan

    Mine did not come with spare tips. Decent quality and good alternative compared to the official Surface Pen. It is in the style of the Apple Pencil, but encased in a cheap aluminum. Good feel, though I wish it were a bit heavier feeling.

  33. Nicole Minx

    It works seamlessly with the surface 3. I was worried with having an earlier model surface there would be issues. So far so good. 2 thumbs up

  34. Simranpreet Singh

    Overall its pretty good. I think its best substitute to Microsoft pen if you are low on budget. I haven’t used Microsoft stylus but the current product fits my requirements.

  35. Raquel Haro

    It is sleek in design. Lightweight. Buttons are easy to press. The directions has some grammatical errors that might be off putting to the consumer. Overall, it has a nice metallic finish and seems to be of good quality.

  36. Jessica Morales

    It works very well, nice design.

  37. Federico Castro

    I bought this pen as an emergency replacement for the original Microsoft Pen of my Surface Book. I’ve been using the Kimwook pen lately, to test its capabilities, and it is an excellent pen. Very responsive for drawing, no latency at all. I like the erase button very much, it makes more practical to erase than the original pen. The Kimwood pen also looks very professional, Overall excellent quality!

  38. Bill Harmon

    This pen is life changing. It has made creating art so easy. If you have a Surface you need this pen.

  39. Chelsea Zambrano

    Exactly what I needed! I’m a medical school student and it makes taking notes on my Surface Pro 3 super easy!

  40. Shina Torres

    It’s a good product. It gets the job done. The bad part is that it isn’t magnetic so it could be easier to lose but it works great and it looks just like my handwriting!

  41. Matt Habash

    Thanks just learning how to use it


    the pen stopped working after 30 days of using it.

  43. Phuong Vo

    It’s very stylist and really fancy looking which I think is better looking than the original it also included pen tips which help with certain classes and write better

  44. Melody Goebel

    This is a very easy to use pen and the touch is great!! I purchased this for my Surface Laptop 2 and it works great, but the magnetic feature does not work for my model. Ii is slightly heavier than the average Wacom pen and seems sturdy.

  45. Maria Quintero

    Easy to use!!! It’s an excellent option if you are drawing and also have a high quality! I just loved it


    I literally just received my pen. I will need a few more weeks before I can properly evaluate the pen. So far so good

  47. Musfique Mazumder

    I got a different product than advertised


    Your Microsoft certified product is working very well for me; although, my main use is for it to be a “mouse.” One of my software programs has “tiny” activator areas; so, when in the tablet mode–I had to carry a regular mouse. Your product allows me to only have to carry a pen–much handier than a mouse.

  49. Jim Woolston

    Worked great for exactly 10 days. Now it won’t pair with my surface pro. Changed the battery and that didn’t help. Very disappointing. Magnet is not very strong either

  50. Dylan Puglisi

    Love the pen. Unfortunately I am having an issue with it right now. I’ve replaced the battery once already in less than a week and it has stopped working again.

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